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LighthouseChannel is a young and ambitious IT provider that will mark its humble beginning on the last quarter of year 2010. We are composed of savvy, talented, experienced, disciplined and dedicated professionals who just don't do businesses but also offer professional and effective solutions for diverse clients regardless of race and nationality. We are committed to deliver various services on web consultancy, custom software development, interactive design services, search engine optimizations, and general web staff works. We are dedicated to provide quality and effective solutions to make sure that our clients meet their expectations and get their money's worth.

To stay on track with the ever changing technology, we take a holistic approach to gain advancement on the latest technologies, and trends in the industry. Our goal is to become a growing IT provider that will benefit our clients, our staffs, and our country. We strongly believe in that strong long term and mutually profitable relationships with our clients and partners is the key to a successful business.

About LighthouseChannel - Mission, Vision and Values

Technology is ever changing. What is in demand today may no longer be the same in the future. As a young IT service provider, to endure in the business for years to come, we must look forward with anticipation; recognize the trends and technological forces that will soon make a glorious impact in the world’s computing experience. Be sober and vigilant for what lies ahead, this is our principle and what we’ll always bring along with our humble beginning.

Our Mission

LighthouseChannel’s future depends on its mission. It clearly dictates our purpose of our existence as a company.

  • To provide the top solutions that will suffice every client requirements, and ensure the preservation of the `value` that everyone strives to achieve at all times.

  • To establish a long term relationship with our clients and exceed their expectations.

  • To build strong bond and relationship to our staffs and work force who are our most important asset.

  • To deliver excellence and strive for perfection in everything we do with the unity of our management and entire work force.

  • To keep abreast with the trends by performing various research, innovation, and development of skills and strategies in a continuous process, and

  • To contribute in the welfare of other industries and organizations.

Our Vision

LighthouseChannel’s vision is the key that guides us in order to attain a continuous achievement, gain foothold in our business field, and boost our identity.

  • Blessing: Be a channel of blessing to everyone in need through our service

  • Leader: Become a leader in the industry of Information Technology services industry.

  • Evolution: Evolve into a reliable, reputable, effective and fast-moving company.

  • Partners: Work hand in hand with our partners and together preserve an important value

Our Values

LighthouseChannel’s values serves as our direction and light to our path as we live in the world.

  • Leadership: Taking the courage to lead amidst diversity.

  • Honesty: Transparency and without blemish, being real.

  • Purity: Purity in heart and mind produces pure work as its outcome.

  • Passion: Nothing can be so strong with the union of the heart and mind.

  • Diversity: Diversity isn’t a problem, diverse products we produce.

  • Quality: We prefer not to work, if we couldn’t work it well.

  • Integrity: We steadfastly adhere to professional standards, we are strict and we stick to our principle.

Our Focus

LighthouseChannel’s focus is to fulfill our own necessity, and our necessity is none other than the needs of our clients, partners, and the market. To fulfill the obligation as the necessity dictates, we at LighthouseChannel hold tight to our focus, go out into the market to observe, learn and be a part. We possess a world view, focused on the circulation in the global marketplace, we are excessively eager to know everything from every single detail.

Our Workmanship

We value our work. We love it. Working with a cause is our pleasure and will always be our desire. We preserve the excitement of working for our clients and beneficiaries as if it’s always like a `first time`. When we work, we are responsive with immediate attention; we remain open to change and other ideas, we have the guts to change directions when necessary, we strive for the perfection of what we do, we see to it that first and foremost we are well equipped so that everything will be well done. Being too technical may seemed like “nerd” to other people, but as the saying goes on, “be kind to nerds. Chances are you’ll be working for one”.

Our Accountability

We act like as if we are the owners. We are accountable for our actions and inactions. We care and are always grateful for our people who took the risks to find better ways to light up the solution to a problem. We look back and learn from our past, analyze the outcome, look for solution to what did not succeed and how to improve what is to proceed.

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